Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Hi! I have started taking orders again. :) no promises as only able to take those depending on the availability of certain dates as some are already full for October. Will be away from 30.10.10 to 01.11.10 so no orders on those dates. Last order for 29.10.10 to be collected latest by noon and the rest will only start from 02.11.10 onwards. Thank you! :D

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

with EDIBLE images.

Edible images are printed on Icing Sheets using Edible Ink.
I only do pre-order edible images which I get from a supplier who makes good quality and halal edible image printing.
All orders for edible images need to be placed in advance min of 10 days, to ensure the images arrive on time to me by post. The earlier the better.
You can either request for any common character/cartoon/logo or also send in your own picture that you want to be printed.

- Actual photo of customer with bike edited into a magazine cover.

- Barbie princess

- Porsche badge/logo

- Actual photo of customer's car

- Manchester United badge/logo


Wishing Malaysia and all Malaysians a very Happy Merdeka!