Thursday, February 25, 2010

Somewhere over the...'s finally here. The RAINBOW cake. :)

Personally, I have been meaning to make this cake for some time now. Finally did it for someone special on his birthday recently. The cake was an immediate hit that I had to post up some photos and blog a little about it which I don't normally do here.

Rainbow Cake
- Vanilla white cake base.
- 6 layers with 6 different colours. (purple,blue,green,yellow,orange,red)
- Vanilla buttercream frosting.
- 9" diameter round (approx 2kg)
- RM 75
- Price do not include macaroons.
- Macaroons will be charged separately if requested.

Since it was going to be a special cake for a special someone, I decided to experiment on vanilla macaroons with sprinkles to go with the colourful theme. I do not intend to make the macaroons a part of the cake as it was just something extra I did personally. Therefore, I have stated in the details of the cake above that only 'IF' requested, macaroons will then be charged separately.

I have to admit, I myself was excited to cut out the first slice and just wondering how it looks like inside.
It definitely did not disappoint!


myra said...

I am inlove with your cakes especially this one!!!

Will make the order for my daughter's 2nd birthday this July! :)

Queen4ADay said...

Hi..can you do this in the form of cupcakes?
kindly email me the details to

rosmila said...

i like. Kindly email to me at or juz kol me at 012-2485780. Can you do me a favour....before you call me can you sms me first? Please.... and arigatogozaimasu....

nani said...

sangat menyelerakan...mcam mana nak order??u hantar or pickup sndri??