Sunday, May 2, 2010


I have decided to replace 2 new flavours for the pistachio and orange macaroons. Reason is at the moment I can only accommodate to 4 flavours and also until I restock my pistachio and praline paste.

Flavours will be temporary and changes as time comes. :)

Flavours available:
CARAMEL (new!)
GREEN TEA with RED BEAN filling (new!)
PISTACHIO (not available)
ORANGE PRALINE (not available)

Thank you for understanding! :)


azrain said...

hi there...would like to know whether the caramel flavour is infused in buttercream icing or just plain caramel?

Azalia Suhaimi said...

Hey sweetheart :) I just had a surprise party thrown for me yesterday, together with a beautiful polaroid camera cake :)

Took me ages to finally decide to cut it. It's too beautiful :) Thank you.

Gooseberry//Yo said...

how much for the caramel ones? :)

jet said...

Hi Bite me! :) I'm interested with your macaroon as wedding gift.May i know how's the price of macaroon?

Look forward to ur reply. Thanks!